Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Education For All, Education For None: 1 of 3

When we, as a society, decided that something is necessary for the common good of the people,
do we take time to analyze and critically examine whether it is good or not? Sure, we elect officials to represent us, but do we ever represent ourselves?

Education is commonly upheld as the ultimate common good, almost on all levels of society, we conclude that education is a necessity. Almost always, Education is on the top ten list of the public's desires (and or concerns) for every election season, yet we rarely take personal responsibility for the education system in America. Sure, if our children are in school, we focus in on that school, maybe on the district if something devastating is about to impact us personally, but what about the context?

Education for all = democracy, right? All should be afforded the opportunity to learn, the elite class should not have an advantage in the areas of learning, teaching, and schooling....right? And, we personally, received a GREAT education.....right? You say, others did not? Well THEY must have done something wrong........right?

What if the question was purposed that education for all did not democratize education for the better, but rather simply institutionalized how we learn? Would you still say that your education experience was GREAT, that it was the right way to have learned?

What if what passes for a democratization of education was cloaked in darkness, with a history as tainted, checkered, and marred as our constitution, immigration, and foreign policy? What IF, education for all actually meant, education for none...

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